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I recently sumitted a Jordan #57 to PSA which I had taken out of a pack in 1986. They claimed that the card was "under required size" and would not give it a grade. I am thinking that this card was so nice, they did not want to have it compete with their "regular big suppliers" cards on eBay. They have also been known to give cards lower grades then they should have. When you are dealing with thousands of dollars difference in just one grade,... Read more

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I recently switched from BGS to PSA for grading and it has been a horrible experience. First the customer service is rude, one of the reps Veronica hung up the phone twice. The operator tells me they are just an operator and won't connect me to a manager. And apparently there is only one manager in the entire company because they were unavailable at the time. Why was I calling? Inconsistent service on turn around times. I paid for 10 day... Read more

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I shipped my NBA basketball to PSA/DNA. I got it signed in person. Face to Face! I just needed a certificate so I can sell it online. I just received a letter saying my basketball isn't real? WTF!!! I have several pictures of them signing the same exact ball! I took pictures of the location where they signed it! How much proof do you need? I just email them and I hope I get a reply? If not? This will be the last time using PSA!! Consumers... Read more

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PSA DNA - PSA/DNA Quick Opinion is Bogus Opinion
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I had a PSA/DNA Quick Opinion done of a Buzz Aldrin autograph that I got myself in Chicago on June 12; 2016. This was done at the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest at the Chcago Public Library. Buzz Aldrin and Christina Korp gave a presentation about Buzz Aldrins life leading up to the moon landing. I actually watched Buzz Aldrin sign the book right in front of me, close the book and slide it over to me and PSA/DNA says it's "Likely Not... Read more

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  • Apr 28
  • #838139

I know a guy who autographed himself two balls , sended to psa came back real. One was Ozzie smith the other Bob Gibson.

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In a weird twist during testimony of case MID SC-001323015, Middlesex County, NJ, PSA President, Mr. Joe Orlando testifies that in his professional opinion the said damaged ticket was intentionally damaged. Mr. Orlando would mention intentional damage at least 3 times during testimony. Even when asked by PSA's own lawyer if said damage could occur from removing said ticket from a top loader, Mr. Orlando would testify no, not from removal from... Read more

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  • Apr 20
  • #833580

Its funny how people cried on stuff that thy know its not authentic but tried to pass it through PSA and hoping to get it clear but was rejected. Get a life! Stop sending PSA your fake stuff in the first place.

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I recently sent in two cards. Both came back "likely not genuine" I know these are 10000000% genuine as I obtained them personally. I then sent them to a competitor SGC and they passed. PSA is a money making machine. They, along with JSA, manipulate the market but charging big fees and they authenticate what they want in order to control the marketplace. They should be investigated by the Federal Government. This has happened to a lot of people... Read more

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I sent PSA/DNA 5 different items signed by Starr, Favre and Aaron Rodgers. All were personally obtained by me at 4 separate Packers Fan Fests held at Lambeau Field, over a 5 year period. For the ridiculous cost of $215, I received 5 identical copies of form letters informing me they were not authentic. Again, I had personally handed the items to and watched the players sign. Rodgers and I had a good conversation about our respective facial hair... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 25
  • #777447

Scammers had pictures of signed stuff in person and they took 400$ out of my pocket saying inconsistent and blablabla there full of *** never go with psa dna

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