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I shipped my NBA basketball to PSA/DNA. I got it signed in person.

Face to Face! I just needed a certificate so I can sell it online. I just received a letter saying my basketball isn't real? WTF!!!

I have several pictures of them signing the same exact ball! I took pictures of the location where they signed it! How much proof do you need? I just email them and I hope I get a reply?

If not? This will be the last time using PSA!! Consumers beware! I can't believe it!

Not real? How could that happen? I did my homework and took as much pictures as possible!

The location. The person signing the basketball!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

PSA DNA Cons: False promises.

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I posted a ball for sale on eBay, with sportsmemorabilia.com picture and COA ok, the same exact picture used on their website ok, The sticker shown in picture was JSA BTW, paid for a PSA/DNA quick opnion on it and it came back as "not likely genuine" hahaha can't believe it PSA quick opinion is a scam to take your money!! Try them out, post a JSA or UDA item without showing the authentication and send it in for a quick opinion they'll turn it down guaranteed what a scam!!

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